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When in 2015 the Basel see rolex reolica Datejust II  this watch, I couldn’t help Shouting out, it wasn’t a guy your DIY yachts?Because a lot of love table fan would have their own hand rolex watch DLC, DLC is what?Is the diamond-like coating (Diamond – like Carbon) or DLC coating is containing Diamond structure (sp3 key) and the graphite structure (sp2) of metastable amorphous material, mainly sp3 Carbon atoms and the sp2 hybrid key combination.In plain English is to make the watch on the plating a layer of DLC coating.Green water ghost has a lot love table fan DLC, it also has a lot of love table fan Love take own di tong (Daytona) into black, so when I see this all-new which – Master called Everose gold watches, thought it was a table fan “big”, let me unexpected is that this was a rolex launched new one!深入剖析:劳力士全新蚝式恒动游艇名仕型航海腕表Yacht-Master  (点击图片翻页)

This brand new rolex new yacht mingshi, eternal rose gold watchcase used material, for the first time with black dial, and rotate the outer ring is put on the new black Cerachrom ceramic word circle.Very is suitable for the younger generation, have a passion for sport is thoroughly thoroughly remould oneself, do not know if this ingenious design and arrangement, whether against smart to watch the best defensive posture?The author is rolex water ghost fan, through numerous exercises of wrist wear alternately, finally found the word circle design, rolex is very eternal, is also very easy to let people like, it may also is one of the elements of it still unbeaten.

This all-new which – Master don’t know why, always feels a bit familiar to me, a little like a Submariner kindness, was missing the past which – Master feeling, can this improvement, let everything back to the position of a best.The most astonishing, than when we first saw it changed the “tape”, condescending to witness all expressions are a little hesitation, her love is, finally know strap Oysterflex rubber band using the latest research and development, not only in combination with the solid metal strap and the flexible rubber strap is comfortable, its internal also let super elastic sheet metal strap is more durable.In addition, the watch 18 ct eternal rose gold middle crust is made up of Rolex foundry, while keep brand consistent high temperament, its unique waterproof oyster type case also provide best protection for preciseness movement.深入剖析:劳力士全新蚝式恒动游艇名仕型航海腕表Yacht-Master  (点击图片翻页)

Which – Master the new Oysterflex strap, developed and patented by rolex is the sporty design alternative metal strap, its strong and waterproof properties is more reliable than the former.This kind of strap flexible and beautiful, and comfortable wearing, like a rubber band, but its durability is comparable with the metal strap.Strap by elastic nickel titanium alloy plate connected to the case and oyster type insurance clasp.High-performance black rubber will metal cladding, under various environmental conditions not easy also be affected, durable, wearing also is very buy fake rolex Day Date stable.For wearing more comfortable, Oysterflex strap inside equipped with longitudinal buffer patent system, make the solid is due to the wrist watch.Strap is also equipped with 18 ct eternal rose gold oyster type insurance clasp, prevent accidental open wrist watch.

Which – Master rotate the outer ring fitted with the new black Cerachrom ceramic word circle, fully show the essence of which – Master.Three-dimensional digital light of polishing and calibration in dumb color Word circles appear bright, all let the timing of the wearer’s easily read 60 minutes record.To supplement the black surface for the first time this table, in stark contrast to Chromalight luminous hands and hour markers and luminous material material distributing blue light, the light and dark conditions are clear, easy to read.Which – Master of oyster type watchcase guarantee waterproof as deep as 100 meters (330 feet), is a model of strong and elegant and perfect proportion.18 ct eternal rose gold middle crust is composed of rolex foundries to build.Buckle lock chain crown on the use of three triple waterproofing system, along with triangle grooved bottom cover, strong tighten in the watch case.Crown shoulder with the middle crust.Mirror with blue crystal manufacture, not easy to damage.At 3 o ‘clock position with small window lens, convenient to read a calendar.Oyster type waterproof case for preciseness swiss replica rolex Day Date II movement provides the best protection.


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